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Hasport Motor Mounts

Manufacturer: Hasport Product: Motor Mounts, EKSTK, 62A Durometer Application: 1996-2000 Honda Civic Review By: Bryan Pendleton I swapped in a set of Hasport EKSTK Motor Mounts in my 96 Coupe. The mounts are quality, CNC-milled aluminum pieces based on visual inspection. Installation went very smooth for the passenger side transsmission mount and the fire wall rear mount, other than the difficulty of getting to the mounts. Thank goodness for a foot and a half of extensions. I was dissappointed with the driver side engine mount though. While I was happy to see my busted, useless OE mount go, I was dissappointed with the changes necessary to use this mount. First, I could not mount my power steering reservoir bracket back as there was some interference between it and the Hasport mount. No big deal though. I simply elongated the bolt holes in the bracket some and was able to shift it just enough to clear the motor mount bracket. Problem two, the power steering return line interferred with the Hasport mount enough that abrasion wear would have most assuredly caused a failure of the line. This fix was a little more tricky and again I removed the reservoir bracket. I reshaped the reservoir bracket by placing two small opposing bends to offset the reservoir closer to the driver side fender. I also put a slight twist in the bracket to rotate the reservoir clockwise (as viewed from top) some. This allowed the PS return line to clear the mount, but I still might add some additional sleeving to the line to prevent any accidental abrasion. Other than that the installation went smooth. The test drive was shocking upon starting the car. Yes, these are the street compound (62A durometer urethane), but again they are solid bushings, so soft compound or not, the end result is stiff. I anticipated some vibration, but not to this degree. Lots of rattles became apparent from all the vibration transmitted to the cabin. I guess its time to start debuging those rattles now. Now in this application we were running a mild B17 with cams and headwork, tuned via Neptune, so I am sure I don't have the smoothest running B, but idle and near idle noise and smoothness suffer considerable from the installation of these mounts. Cruising speeds are not too bad though. I am temped to pull the mounts and have some holes drilled through the bushings to soften them up some. Though I know that would kill the Hasport warranty, which was one of the reasons to purchase these, knowing that I would never need another set of motor mounts Anyway, these are quality mounts, which I anticipate never having to worry about again, but I would be hesitant to recommend them for a daily driver. My car is my daily driver, but I'm the only one to drive the car, and it will most likely be with me until it dies, or my 3 year old son gets old enough to drive, so the comfort loss is acceptable, barely.

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