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The Story

In November 2005, Bryan Pendleton began investigating and researching velocity stacks. As a mechanical engineer that designs with detail, he was curious about the details of the velocity stack.  What started out as a simple research project turned into a full-blown computational fluid dynamics analysis on velocity stack geometry. After presenting his findings to others in the automotive performance community, he received a lot of interest and positive feedback of the research. The plunge was taken to create the first optimized flow stack and BP Initiatives was born. In May of 2006, the first BPI Flow Stack hit the market. As word was spread more Dyno test results were obtained by BPI to confirm what engineering labor had predicted. The BPI flow stack is able to increase volumetric efficiency of combustion engines and diesel engines. As the performance benefits of our flow stack spread there has been more enthusiasts inquiring about additional sizes, so BPI has began engineering a second velocity stack in Fall of 2007



BP Initiatives will meet the needs and expectations of our customers by providing sound engineered products and upholding the highest level of integrity, customer service, and responsiveness. BP Initiatives seeks out new product ideas, research and develop those ideas so that our customer's expectations are satisfied.

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