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Congratulations on your purchase of the BPI Flow Stack. This quality engineered product will provide you with years of maintenance-free performance. Below are some installation guidelines to ensure you achieve the best reliability, performance and power from your BPI Flow Stack.

Additional Installation Parts:

  • Air Filter - Reference chart A for recommended filter.

  • Coupling - BPI recommends the use of a reinforced silicone coupling to withstand the mechanical and thermal stress of the engine bay environment.

  • Coupling band clamps (x2)

Flow Stack No.    Recommended Filter    Filter Flange OD    Intake Flange OD

VS300600            K&N RF-1048               6.0"                        3.0"

VS350600            K&N RF-1048               6.0"                        3.5"

VS400600            K&N RF-1048               6.0"                        4.0"

Installation Guidelines:

  1. Remove existing conical or cylindrical air filter from your air intake or induction system.

  2. Assemble recommended air filter (or equivalent) and BPi Flow Stack. Position the filter on the Flow Stack with the filter flange flush with the BPi Flow Stack as shown in figure 1.

  3. Assemble coupling to Flow Stack using a band clamp. Position the coupling 1.0" from end of BPi Flow Stack as shown in figure 1. The coupling band clamp should be positioned close to the filter to prevent distortion of the flange when the band clamp is tightened.

  4. Position the remaining coupling band clamp over the coupling.

  5. Install the Flow Stack assembly onto air intake or induction system and tighten the band clamp.

  6. Check all band clamps to verify they are tight.

  7. As with most engine modifications, it is recommended that your engine be properly tuned to maximize benefits of the BPi Flow Stack.


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