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Justin Wesseling - BPI Racing

Driver Profile


Justin WesselingAugust 27, 1978Cerritos, CA


In 2001 Justin established himself as a world level remote controlled car driver in California and has been nationally recognized. From that year Justin has gone on to drive and promote for Mugen Seiki USA until the present time. Mugen Seiki is one of the top rc car manufacturers in the world next to associated. They are also affiliated with Sanwa electronics who has a renamed U.S. company called Airtronics. Justin has been a team driver as well for Airtronics who makes the transmitter and servos to control the model cars. During this time with rc and karting, Justin has admitted to learning a vast amount about car handling characteristics and suspension geometry. This is extremely relevant as the tuning of suspension on a race car is crucial . In the same time he has also recognized the combinations of car set-up, driving skill, components, sponsorship promotion it takes to be successful in racing. This sets Justin apart from many other drivers in his class. To add , the many track days so far have confirmed Justins' knowledge of these great characteristics and he is progressing very fast. After paying his dues going through the NASA HPDE ranks , Justin has the race craft needed to be a winner. With a new goal to race real cars Justin may not have a long list of event accomplishments at the moment, however as you can see by the experience and knowledge he can apply, success is only a few turns away. Beginning his first track day in summer of 2007, The progress being made is very good and Justin seems to be learning very fast and is comfortable on the track. He will run NASA Honda Challenge H1 2009 and going for Best new Driver honors.

Vehicle Information

ChassisEngineBrake System

  • 1995 Honda Civic EX Coupe

  • Honda JDM K20A Type R

  • Honda Y2M3 Transmission

  • Hondata K-Pro Tuned by Shawn Church

  • BPI 3" Flow Stack Kit On Custom Intake

  • ASP Custom Header

  • ASP Custom Exhaust

  • Fastbrakes 4-Pot Wilwood 12.2" Front Kit

  • Performance Friction Front Brake Pads

  • Fastbrakes Big Rear Disc Brake Kit

  • Hawk HPS Rear Brake Pads

  • Integra Master Cylinder

  • Integra Proportioning Valve

  • Stainless Braided Lines

  • Motul 600 Fluid

SuspensionInterior & SafetyExternal

  • Progress Series 1 coilovers

  • Spherical Arm Bearings and Hard Bushings in Front

  • OEM Honda sway bar

  • Function7 Rear Lower Control Arm with Spherical Bearing

  • A-spec Racing Sub-Frame Brace

  • 24mm Rear Sway Bar

  • Rota P45F 17x7.5 Wheels

  • Spec Toyo R888 Tires

  • Race Alignment and Corner Balancing

  • Momo Steering Wheel

  • NRG Quick Release

  • Racetech 4009HR Racing Seat

  • Sparco 1 Layer Suit

  • Racetech 6pt Harness

  • Crow window Net

  • Sunroof plug kit

  • Coolshirt Club Kit

  • 3 zone fire system by ESS fire

  • SPA Dual Oil/Water Temperature Guage with Warning Lights

  • NASA Approved 6-PT Cage with Nascar Door Bar Set-Up

  • Interior, Power Steering, Heating, A/C, Sunroof and Airbags Removed

  • Paint by Auto-B-Craft

  • APR GTC-200 Wing

  • Special Projects P1 Spec Splitter Kit

  • MG Sideskirts

  • ABS Mirrors

  • Carbon Fiber Hood

  • VIS Carbon Fiber Trunk

  • Mesh Screen Radiator Grille by

  • JDM EG6 Headlights

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