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BPI would like to give our customers the opportunity to earn free products or supported dynometer testing in exchange for product testing data and BPI promotional support. You help us and we will help you. You have two option. Option 1 earns a complimentary Flow Stack (or reimbursed Flow Stack purchase) for performing comparitive dynometer testing and providing BPI with the results. Option 2 is that we will help financially support the cost of dynometer testing in certain applications. The level of support is dependant on vehicle being testing, test program, and other factors. Details for each of these option can be found below.
Option 1: Flow Stacks for Testing TOP

This program is where you, the customer, purchase BPI Product (elgible products shown below) and perform the dynometer (or dyno) testing as detailed below. Once you fulfill your obligations you will be reimbursed the purchase price of the Flow Stack included in your elgible purchase.  This reimbursement only includes the actual Flow Stack price and not any accessories that may be been included with your purchase. Reference the table below for included Flow Stack. The reimbursement does not include shipping charges.  You may also opt to receive a complimentary Flow Stack of equal or lesser value. If this option is chosen, you will be responsible for paying the shipping costs to ship the Flow Stack.

Elgible ProductsIncluded Flow Stack

Your obligations to fulfill this program include completing the BPI test data submission form found below. You will also need to provide high resolution graphics of all dyno data. The data must include a minimum of power and torque. A/F ratios and air temperatures should be included if available.  The data should include a baseline dyno run(s) without the use of the BPI Flow Stack (control configuration) and separate data on for the BPI Flow Stack. (preferably with filter, or both with filter and without).  The Dyno data should be presented in a single chart(s) so each test configuration (control configuration and test configuration(s)) can be visually and accurately compared.

BPI Test Data Sheet <<< [BPI Test Data Sheet]

Option 2: Sponsored Dyno Testing TOP

Details will published soon.

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