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BPi News
December 2013
BPI has added 4.0" kits and accessories to our product portfolio.

November 2011
BPI has launched the new 4" Flow Stack. The 4" Accessories and Kits will launch soon.

June 2011
BPI has updated the dyno test data page with a fresh new look and more test data. Check out the new Honda and Nissan testing.

December 2010
BPI has finally launched a fresh and new website. We hope you enjoy the new site.

November 2010
BPI has also expanded to social network sites Facebook and MySpace. Stop by and drop us a line for a change to win free products.

September 2010
BPI Welcomes our newest authorized dealer, National Speed Inc.

September 2009
BPI now stocks the more compact K&N RU-4600 filter to accomodate the Honda cold air intake systems with the filter behind the front facia and other tight-space applications.

April 2009
Individual couplings and clamps can now be purchased under product accessories.
Web page has been added for details on inspiring racers that BPI is sponsoring.

May 2008
The 3.5" X 6" Flow Stack (part number VS350600) is in stock and ready for shipment.
A full assembly kit for the 3.5" Flow Stack is scheduled for a June launch.

April 2008
The injection mold is complete for the new 3.5" Flow Stack. The first production run is scheduled for the end of April.

February 2008
BPI Flow Stack decals are in production and will be available the second week of February.

January 2008
We have completed the design for a 3.5" Flow Stack that will incorporate the same 6" flanged filter, K&N RF-1048. The injection mold is now being designed and manufactured so BPI can begin production. The 3.5" Flow Stack has an estimated release date of March or April 2008.

December 2008
BPi vinyl decals are scheduled to be available in January 2008. The design has been finalized and we are currently waiting on samples.

February 2007
BPi now stocks the K&N Air Filter, RF-1048, so be sure to pick yours up with your Flow Stack Purchase.

September 2006
BPi has recieved some test data comparing Injen's Velocity Stack Filter to the BPi Flow Stack. Results have been posted under the product testing section.

July 2006
BPi is seeking to develop a library of dynometer testing data with the help of our customers. Data on Honda applications is rolling slowly, but we are looking for new applications, such as Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, VW, Audi, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Lotus, Saturn, Mazda, etc. BPi will ship a free Flow Stack to individuals or businesses that can provide before and after dyno testing, complete with operating and environmental conditions. Restrictions do apply, so please contact us at for further details.
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